Speak To Me

Use this watch to connect to your electronic devices via Bluetooth technology so that you can control your mp3 player and answer mobile phone calls wirelessly.

A speaker and microphone are integrated so that you can communicate clearly without the need to wear earphones.

The different colored finish on the aluminum strap and case creates a contrasting look and the large and easy to navigate buttons and digital time make this concept simple to use.


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15 Responses to “Speak To Me”

  1. avatar Ace より:

    It dose look good, and can be practical, but can it also control the mp3 from my mobile phone, or if I wear this watch and a bluetooth headset, can I answer my phone by pressing the answer button on the watch but to hear the voice in my headset and not in to the speaker of the watch?

    • avatar Ace より:

      It would also be nice to see colors like red, blue, green or purple instead of orange. :)

    • avatar shinyoka より:

      Another thing missing From this watch is telling you Who Calling.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Yes you could control your MP3. The problem is that the watch is the bluetooth device not the headset. So need either headphones from the watch to your ear, which would be a pain, or just use the watch to communicate you had a phone call, and be able to quickly answer and talk. Many people have their phones in their pockets or bags missing calls, so this would be good for that. Also could be used as HAND FREE when driving. Not sure there would be a benefit of having the MP3 unless the wire from the watch to your ears doesn’t bother you. Thanks for your comments.

  2. avatar wristwatcher より:

    Not sure about this one, mainly becasue it would appeal to gadget guys, and the market is flooded with watches that do all of the above, as well as record and play mp3′s and mp4 videos using a small screen, not to mention watches that actually have a mobile phone built in.

    • avatar Ace より:

      Yes, but many of ‘em are either crappy, either ugly, just a few look cool and have high quality, as for mobile phone watches, many of them are made in China and horrible, there was one made by LG, but it’s about 1000$ and has poor specs, with today’s tech it’s impossible to make a watch phone that will look good, has comparable specs with mid or high end normal phones and dose not cost a ton of money.

  3. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    I agree with wristwater here. Need to make it look less geeky then would consider this one. It looks a bit geeky with the buttons on the face. Loose the buttons and work on the esthetics and it may fly.

  4. avatar Rumplestiltskin より:

    Great idea, but the way it is implemented here makes it look more like something that Nike would make so it needs something to give it a bit more of a Tokyoflash feel.

  5. avatar tickerpop より:

    Um . . . I like it. I dont love it, simply because I like a timepiece to do that. Tell the time. Dont get me wrong having the blue tooth etc is a nice thing to have, but in a watch i think it would be secondary. and with the calibur of watches that you sell, to see a watch actually tell the time using numerals is just plain weird haha!

  6. avatar pm より:

    I am afraid I have to agree with most of the negative comments concerning the appearance of the watch. It does nothing for me either and does not have the excitement feel about it that Tokyoflash watches usually have.

  7. avatar numero6 より:

    Looks like the “The Dictator” by Nixon Watches, but this one alllows to use the phone !

  8. avatar Avatara より:

    Yeah, I like the idea of the functions, like being able to control your ipod while it’s in your pocket or being able to answer calls quickly while your phone is in your bag or somewhere else. I would like to see these functions incorporated into one of the other designs here like Electric Blue maybe with a unique time display of course.

  9. avatar Xcentric より:

    Great functionalities, but could use better cosmetic design.

  10. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Noted about the boring design. We’ll get some better ones up shortly. Thanks for your comments

    • avatar kresboay より:

      I dont think its a boring design, I know its not a stellar one, but it still reciprocate coolness, and the functionality is very2 outstanding and pleeeaassseeee release it soooonnnn !!!