Sharp Lines

An LCD interface with blue LED backlighting means that this concept design has an “always on” display which can be illuminated with light at the touch of a button.

The time display is made up of lines and blocks. Hours and five minute lines move in a clockwise direction making reading the time simple and four small blocks show single minutes 1-4.

The lens is slightly raised above the curved stainless steel case and the shapes of the links in the strap achieve a fit with the overall case shape. This design is USB rechargeable.

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12 Responses to “Sharp Lines”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Love it love it love it! You should sell this design to LEVIS. I think it would really suit their brand image.

  2. avatar shinyoka says:

    Love the concept, Instead of making the lights all blue, Make it what u guys did on the third picture

  3. avatar TheSquirrelKing says:

    Wow, absolutely fantastic look! My only suggestion would be that if you colour the lights like the last picture (to differentiate between the hours, 5-minutes, and 1-minutes), then the 15, 30, and 45 lines should be slightly thickened relative to the other 5-minute markers (like how the 5 line currently is relative to the 10 minute line). This gives these lines a little extra significance and allows the reader to more quickly/easily narrow down the time at-a-glance.

  4. avatar pm says:

    I like this one a lot. I do like the always on display. Good design for the time blocks whilst maintaining the well known clockwise reading metaphor. I also like that it has USB charging. I would suggest a day and date feature as well. The only other suggestion I would have is to use a completely different colour for the single minute blocks.

  5. avatar cortjezter says:

    This design is amazing! Reminds me a lot of product bar codes/UPC, and I’ve always thought there could be more creative uses of that visual style :)

    I like the little details like the slightly raised lens, and the angled buttons on the side (though part of me would like the angle to match the lines on the face). Even when not lit, the design is beautiful; almost makes me wish there was no time so I could see it un-lit!

    How does the band work, and what materials are used? I hope it can fit my larger American wrist!

    Excellent job..I think this is probably my top choice on the blog so far!

  6. avatar Avatara says:

    I like this watch very much too, the display has a nice smart pattern. I like the case shape and the fact you can read it at a glance with the LCD. The USB recharging function is a great idea too.

  7. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Would you prefer LCD, with display on all the time or LED where you have to push the button to see the time? We could put a backlight in the LCD for night. Only downside is you wouldn’t get the display in bright colours. Thank you for your comments.

    • avatar cortjezter says:

      i guess it doesn’t matter to me how bright this one shines… as long as it keeps the cool design when things AREN’T lit up :)

      But if I had to pick…I think LED would look better.

    • avatar TheSquirrelKing says:

      I think this design would look very good with an LCD display, especially given that the renderings seem to have been made with LCD in mind. That said, this design seems to require at least 3 colours to work: a colour for the background, a colour for all the lines, and then another colour for the highlighted lines. This is different from a watches like the Rogue and the Nekura Progression that require only two colours (black and white) to work because of the way they use the presence or absence of a marker instead of highlighting to indicate the time. As such, wouldn’t you have to use a colour LCD to create the effect pictured above? If you could pull that off, then I think this could be a really unique and good-looking option.

  8. avatar Rumplestiltskin says:

    I think that colored LCD could work well, I have seen this in some other watches before.

  9. avatar pm says:

    This is a difficult one to answer, because they each have attractive qualities. The LCD option with LED backllight is very good because you can then see time at a glance – something you cannot do with most TFlash watches. However an LED only option, i.e. where you have to press a button to see the time is perhaps more dramatic/mysterious. I would be tempted to side with the LCD option with LED backllight as not many TFlash watches have this, so it would be more variety in your range.

  10. avatar onisan says:

    At first glance the lines remind me of a business suit, so I think you could get away with wearing this in meetings as long as it didnt flash the lights automatically.
    As some others mentioned, having the hours/minutes lines in separate colours helps to tell the time quicker, but is still cryptic to those who dont “know” ;-)
    Is it possible to have LCD thats always on for a quick glance at the time, but when you press the button it illuminates hours/minutes in blue & yellow like the final diagram?
    Can you mix blue & yellow in an LCD?