Priceless Time

Pair this Bluetooth receiver with your cell phone so that you can answer calls and receive email or message notifications instantly without the need to carry your cell phone in your pocket.

Styled like a fashion accessory and made of metal with an acrylic screen, this concept can easily be clipped to your shirt, jacket pocket or tie so that it’s comfortable to wear and easily accessible.

Reminiscent of a barcode, the time is displayed with lines in LCD and backlit with blue LEDs.

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4 Responses to “Priceless Time”

  1. avatar werwolf より:

    loving this! all about it is stylish, looks functional, too at this stage.
    would rock if it could be converted to a headset.

  2. avatar cortjezter より:

    my goodness this is a beautiful design. i wish i had a use for this…or that it was somehow possible in watch form!

  3. avatar scifirxman より:

    Add the following functions: voice announce caller id, voice command control: answer call by saying ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ (perhaps even just in Japanese), voice dialing of contacts, a nice size speaker and mic and this would make a great in-car bluetooth handsfree set. as it is, i wouldn’t buy it as a ‘fashion’ accessory.

  4. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Looks good. Probably doesn’t need to be as big as in the pictures though. A bit smaller would be perfect.