Neon Encapsulated

The tubular appearance created by the LEDs in this concept give an 80′s disco feel.  Like colored neon bars, the lights are set beneath the glass giving a sense of depth.

Uniquely shaped, the oval case tapers out to meet the strap, both of which are made of IP coated stainless steel.

The neon stripes indicate the time, hours, groups of ten minutes and single minutes color coded in green, blue and pink.

80年代のディスコを感じさせる、ネオン管のようなチューブ状のインターフェイスを使用したデザイン。ステンレス素材のオーバルシェイプのケースがさらにデザインのテーマを強調させている。インターフェイスは、チューブ状の立体感を強調し奥行きを感じられるよう、ガラスレンズ下の空間の中にレイアウトされている それぞれの色には、時間、10分単位、1分単位の表示が割り振られている。

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35 Responses to “Neon Encapsulated”

  1. avatar reidiate より:

    Please place my name on the pre-order list. I NEED it as soon as it’s released.

  2. avatar tolga より:

    A very well designed watch. As a whole the watch looks very well defined, compact, subtle and unique.

  3. I like the design in a photo, but what is it like in an everyday setting? The concepts are great, I am particular to the glass cover that gives the depth to the tubular design.

    Let’s talk about the practical use! I love your designs for sure. The quality however is
    Just as important as the design. We discover the type of metal is IP coated stainless steel,
    that would be better than the chrome plated copper featured on the ‘BarCode’ model. Design is only as good as the quality of materials
    and the constuction of a product. For a limited edition time piece, most expect a durable ‘timeless’ piece. A+ on the concept, curious about the durability.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Yes I couldn’t agree more. The barcode case was made of Brass due to the complex shape Stainless couldn’t be used. This case design is very simple so Stainless would be used for sure. I think high quality standard could be maintained here. Cheers for the feedback!

  4. avatar irwin segal より:

    I love it and want to be on the”bought it” list

  5. avatar より:

    Very unusual. I like it very much.

  6. avatar Ace より:

    Make it more easy to read and can be appealing to the 80′s nostalgics.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      It is a bit 80s which I personally like but not sure if that would be popular now. Any thoughts on other colour variations, or keep it as is?

    • avatar Ace より:

      Well, you managed to capture the 3 major colors of the 80′s, really bright green and yellow were trendy colors back then too, maybe replacing the cyan with a neon yellow or neon green would be nice possibilities to try, now about the popularity, it’s very hard to predict how the consumers will react to a product, no matter what that product is, but the feedback for this one looks positive, however feedback sometimes may fail, but that doesn’t happen too often, so good luck with this.

  7. avatar irwin segal より:

    really would like to own this one

  8. avatar lawboychris より:

    I like it. I would like it in silver better. Also, I lost my silver Barcode watch with white lights. Any chance you guys will revive the Barcode? If so, I’m in.

  9. avatar Geomesh より:

    I like the design: it’s a bit “stealthy”, very futuristic also it has touch of a modest look when in off modus (2nd big picture). Comparing to the (current) other designs is this my favourite one.

    Please keep me informed about this model.

  10. avatar jj より:

    Yep, looking at all the new designs this one stands out as the best.

    I think the best features are the smooth oval shape of the face and the fact that it isn’t always illuminated Will it be a black face when not illuminated? If so, i really like it.

    I presume that it’ll be activated/set by buttons on the side that aren’t shown so I hope you’ll keep them as flush as possible so as not to ruin the shape of the face.

    Just out of curiosity, have you played around with any other colour combinations?

    Good work!

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Agreed about the buttons. We are also interested on what you guys would like to see for the colours? Everyone one likes Blue, so we thought we should try some other colours. Thank you for your feedback.

    • avatar jj より:

      I think the blue works and the green, if actually green rather than the colour in the picture, would be great too. The pink doens’t do it for me and i think a red or even white would be best.

      It’d be interesting to know if you can do this with LCD instead of LEDs too. LEDs look cheaper whereas an LCD display looks more crisp (like in your Rogue design).

  11. avatar scottyokc より:

    This is way too hard to tell time on at a glance. I love my LED gadget watches, but I would definately not buy this one.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      We will discuss on how to maintain the look while making it easier to tell the time. This is always the challenge and you comment helps us re-enforce this point. Thank you!

    • avatar tickerpop より:

      I like the aesthetic appeal to this watch, however from the other watches that I have I can only hope that the display will remain lit longer than other’s do so that you can get used to looking at the display. Better yet it would be nice if you could change the duration of the display. a little switch or something that would allow you to keep the display on longer or shorter depending on how good you were at reading the display. Personally I would love to see a watch such as the one above that remained lit constantly. I know it would drain the batteries really quick, but I would be willing to replace the batteries as often as needed in order to have the uniqueness of the watch constantly on rather that just a black display until you hit the button. Is there any way that could be a consideration :) I would change batteries every other day if I had the option to leave the display on ALL the time

  12. avatar pm より:

    I think the shape and colours are stunning and I would buy it. I like the glass look when the lights are off as well.
    Some options that would be handy:
    A silver case option.
    A day and date option.
    Not too long so that smaller wrists can take it.
    Lightweight materials.

  13. avatar karlod04 より:

    An absolutely stunning piece ! one of the comments makes reference to using light-weight materials however i disagree entirely ! The reason people like these watches is they feel like a quality item due to the weight, i have several Tokyo flash pieces and people always comment on the weight and how they feel solid and expensive.
    p.s when can i pre-order this !!!

  14. avatar ceqpio より:

    just fantastic!!! dynamic and futuristic! display could have diffrent colours and also just one. This watch could be relased in both version, couldn’t it? anyway it would be amazing!

  15. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Can we get a vote on materials? Stainless, Aluminum, or Titanium? Each have different characteristics.

    • avatar karlod04 より:

      Stainless or titanium to add a bit of weight and a quality feel ! definitely not aluminum or coated brass. Also do not make this too easy to tell the time on. it adds a sense of mystique when strangers cant read it first off !

  16. avatar rbschneider より:

    First off, I would buy this watch in a nanosecond. Can it please be available soon? As per materials, I think titanium would be a nice offset to the colors of the watch design. I think the mock-up is pretty damn near perfect, though.

  17. avatar MrHang より:

    Wonderful design! I agree with ceqpio as far as different colors are concerned, perhaps an animation where the colors cycle for a disco floor effect. For materials, I’m partial to stainless steel because of it’s weight and feel, however there could always be different options for the other materials much like the Waku had different band and LED combinations so the watch could be even more personalized.

  18. avatar pm より:

    I would vote for aluminium in the first instance. However stainless steel is a very strong metal and so it could be used if it is made slightly thinner and therefore slightly lighter. It would not sacrifice on quality look. The reason for suggesting lightweigh materials, is that this favours someone with a smaller wrist. I avoid very heavy watches because I find them uncomfortable. Titanium is more expensive and this could be off-putting, although it would resolve the weight issue.

  19. avatar ceqpio より:

    yeah i think a lightweigh material in favour with people with small wrists (like me!) is a good idea. anybody with strong wrists shouldn’t have any problem though! even better, they would perceive the watch more lighter! so i vote fo aluminium.

  20. avatar greenlantern より:

    I like this one a lot. My wife told me to buy it! I get a sense of movement in the watch–something like race cars going around a track. I’d like to see some other color combinations just for comparision. Also,would this watch have animation, and if so, just before registering the time, or intermittently as well?

  21. avatar Avatara より:

    What color finish could Titanium have? I like the dark polished finish and think stainless would be best to achieve this.

  22. avatar enrike2769 より:

    The design is wonderful,striking design

  23. avatar shinyoka より:

    This watch is perfect the way it is, i will certainly invest in this watch when Made

  24. avatar dukesa より:

    Design is PERFECT in this watch… hope u sell it!!

  25. avatar Efv68 より:

    i really love this watch definit buy

  26. avatar Efv68 より:

    I need to have this is watch, the future is actually in you’re hands