Green Lines

One thin panel of stainless steel makes up the body of this design. The case is curved on both ends and connected to a contrasting rubber strap.

The interface features sharp green lines, angled in places to achieve a fit with the angled case.

Hours are displayed in the top third of the screen, groups of ten minutes in the bottom third and single minutes in the center.

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19 Responses to “Green Lines”

  1. avatar Greenjalapeno より:

    Possibly one of my favorite designs up on the blog. Very flowing, simple form. Absolutely gorgeous watch. Reminds one of a circuit board ;)

  2. avatar reidiate より:

    Absolutely adore this. Practical, beautiful, light and without fault.

  3. avatar bami より:


  4. avatar redroof より:

    that’s the watch i’d buy to be neighbours with my kisai keisan! make it real, sell it as soon as it is possible!:)

  5. avatar MennovanVelzen より:

    Realy nice. it only has to loos the numbers at the side of the screen.
    on a lot of watches there are these numbers wich the owner should not need.
    they take away the “hhhhmmmm What??” affect

  6. avatar spanetti より:

    You could lose the numbers but then you’d have to color code each section, which would look nice too.

  7. avatar Ace より:

    The numbers are there to make people read the time more easily, nobody wants to lose 5 minutes everytime he wants to read to time, and a watch should be a time telling device first and a fashion accessory second.

  8. avatar Pickletron より:

    Amazing looking watch, would definitely buy. I do think the numbers on the side make this particular watch look better though, I don’t know why others don’t like the look. I think the numbers really add to it somehow.

  9. avatar maratech より:

    I very like watchs from this line!
    I will buy this as soon as tokyoflash starts sell it!

  10. avatar scottyokc より:

    Not easy to tell time, I don’t like the two toned color wristband, and the single color led.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      So one colour case and two colour display. Doable for sure.
      Thanks for your feedback!

    • avatar Rumplestiltskin より:

      I agree that the watch is a bit difficult to read, making the single minutes red would help.

  11. avatar Kong59 より:

    MY FAV

  12. avatar NorthWind より:

    As I wrote about the watch “Bright Time”, I do not like the logotype as a part of the design. It takes away some of its peculiarities, which I find is such an important thing in this concept for me.
    Great thing you have started this forum. Love to see all the creativity.

  13. avatar ceqpio より:

    i think the watch should get off the numbers at the side of the screen too, and it’s a good idea an unique colour for the wristband; leds colud be in different colours to help reading time but maybe not, it’s enough easy to distinguish hours from minutes too; an example with the old jlr7: no numbers and jut one led colour. I’d prefer the green lines watch more minimalist.

  14. avatar MrHang より:

    This watch is very cleanly designed and the band matches the watch well. I think the two color design for the strap and case would is an interesting departure from the traditional single color. However I’m not sure about rubber for the strap, but then again I’m partial to stainless steel!

    I also agree about the logo. Having it on the front of the case at all distracts from an otherwise clean design. For this watch, I wouldn’t mind the numbers on the side since the display is based on a single color, but like spanetti said, you’d have to color code the face.

  15. avatar pm より:

    I like this watch overall. I like that it seems quite thin. I think the different coloured strap is a nice change, but for those that like a matching coloured strap, this could be made as an option. I have no problem with the logo, I think it is nice. I like the LED effect and the way the hours and minutes etc. are split on the screen, but I think using only one colour does reduce readability. For those who do not like the printed numbers on the case, I would suggest that the numbers help readability, however these could be made to light up when the LEDs light up. In other words, the numbers would not be seen when the LEDs switch off. I would suggest a day and date feature.

  16. avatar wristwatcher より:

    Beautiful! I like how you are making your watches easier to read and still retaining those beautiful unique designs! I must agree with previous posters, this one even with the text on the case nees some division between the hours/minutes. If the colors were different, or if the case broke the displays up(like on the beautifuly designed Bright Time). I want it….if you guys start making watches like these again I’m going to go bankrupt!

  17. avatar tickerpop より:

    I love this watch. If it could come with a metal band it would be even more amazing. And of course as with all my posts I would also like the idea of having the 10 minutes right after the hours, but that wouldnt keep my from buying the watch. This would be one of those watches that would look very good even with the led’s off as the border of the watch is a nice design as well. I like the large buttons on the side as well. 1 of the watches that I own from tokyoflash has the tiny button on the side and it’s a bear to try and push, so the larger side button is a nice addition.