Data Flow

The square shaping of this design brings an original form to Tokyoflash. The simple geometric pattern in the display is made up of lines and squares giving a subtle binary code feel; squares being “0″ and lines being “1″.

Stainless steel forms the body and the extruded shapes within the acrylic lens remain unlit before the time is displayed through digital tube technology to illuminate the shapes. The bracelet achieves a fit with the interface, and appears to be running data around your wrist as time passes through the face.

Numbers on the face simplify reading the time; hours in the top line, groups of five minutes in a similar position as on a clock face and single minutes blended neatly between.

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8 Responses to “Data Flow”

  1. avatar ceqpio says:

    nice design, but i think this watch doesn’t need numbers to help reading time; it’s already easy to read with different led shapes and position: hours leds on the top display, single minutes leds bigger and groups of 5 minutes leds as the rest. Tokyoflash watches are famous to be strange and mysterious at first appearance, so this one just could be cooler with no numbers! this is my suggestion!

  2. avatar Ace says:

    Nice. So the watch shows 3:41, and it dose need numbers to increase the practicability factor of the watch, and it will still remain strange and mysterious, no one will know what time is until the numbers are illuminated and you tell them how to read it.

  3. avatar tokyohunter says:

    Nice Design,
    I agree with the previous comment this watch definately does not need the numbers.
    Without the numbers it is more contemporary minimalist.To have the numbers implies they are needed, which in turn implies the system is incomplete without them.This is not the case.
    One important aspect of a design is the the scale.I would not buy this watch if it is too big on my wrist as it would look awkward,inappropriate and more like a child’s gadget watch.Is the size of the watch face set?

  4. avatar cortjezter says:

    i dig the overall design, but think the numbers are distracting and unnecessary. why? a couple reasons. first, each block of time (hours, 5-min, +1-min) are colour coded, so it’s easy to get an idea just from that. second, the arrangement of the blocks of time are also arranged similar to a regular analogue clock, where the numbers (5-min) go clockwise around the face.

    does this also tell the date? or is that what the blank/empty blocks are used for? or maybe the “empty” blocks light up with a fourth colour and rotate around the face between the 5-min blocks to flash the seconds?

    one of the better new ideas i’ve seen so far on the blog!

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

      I kind of like the digits myself but yes correct is saying not really needed. This is personally one of my favorite designs, but that is just me. I think the size would be good for most. About 3.5 cm square. Thank you for contributing.

  5. avatar Avatara says:

    I’m quite fond of this design, it reminds me of the layout of blocks in a city. The case shape is similar to Tibida, a design I really love. I agree with tokyohunter, I hope the design is not too big, around 35mm square would be cool for my wrist.

    I think the time could be mastered quickly without the numbers as reference, but I do quite like them, I don’t think they take anything away from the design. From the images, the lights are all blue but with five minute increments moving clockwise in similar positions to a clock, they should be easy to read.

  6. avatar tickerpop says:

    This watch reminds me of the old calculator watches. The face is very large, and the band being as big as it is seems to downplay just how large the face of the watch is. I like the watch, could be a different color, i.e. green, or red, but either way the watch itself is a nice change from the lines and pipes. I dont think i would like the size of the watch face but im sure there is a market out there for watches of this type. good luck :) , and good job.

  7. avatar eatthepudding says:

    I like the design of the face (without numbers), but I don’t like the band. I can see that it’s in the same style as the LED lights, but it just doesn’t give the right feeling… I wear the Rogue or Geomesh to work, but I wouldn’t replace them with this one as it is.