Space Face

Looking like a space craft docking bay, the case and strap of this design appear to be one solid block of metal.

Sections are cut out of the uniquely shaped face and within, LEDs are embedded to display the time in two single lines that move within the two segments of the face.

Hours and minutes are split between the two symmetrical sides of the case and the time is simple to read with number indicators on the lenses.


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25 Responses to “Space Face”

  1. avatar Greenjalapeno より:

    VERY interesting form, would look forward to seeing it a bit thinner, and with different colors.

  2. avatar mago より:

    I like this style! It’s very special and unique. I like to buy it!

  3. avatar reidiate より:

    While I like the concept I do not feel it is wholly practical. It would impeded wrist movement backwards which lets face it would become annoying fast.

  4. avatar mulder より:

    I have to agree with reidiate. The movement of the wrist backwards would become very annoying. I know from previous watches I owned that excessive bulk of the case or any part of the watch poking out will dig into the top of the hand or the arm and annoy the day lights out of you. I do like the concept though but I would not buy it, sorry.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Yes could be a problem for some, we can look into the balance a bit more and do some size tests with mockups. Thank you for your comments!

  5. avatar bami より:

    no second of doubt that I would buy this one :D

  6. avatar tolga より:

    It looks like as if the watch has jumped out of the Alien movie series. It reminds me of the escape pod of Sulaco the EEV. Makes me think of a communication device with some holographic feature. The design is very unusual but I love it.

  7. avatar Kabe より:

    great design, i dont compleete understand how it would impede wrist movement.. if its worn on the left it will be fine.. correct me if im wrong.. great time display also. would go nicely with my JLr7

  8. avatar G.Kvakhadze より:

    fantastic design I want it

  9. avatar Arielle より:

    Hands down, I want it.

  10. avatar spanetti より:

    Hey, if reidiate or mulder doesn’t want one, I’ll take theirs! :)
    I don’t see any problem with the design.

  11. avatar Greatwazoo42 より:

    It reminds me a bit of some of your previous designs including one or two that I own. It would make a very interesting and fun piece to wear.

  12. avatar より:

    I agree with Greenjalapeno; thinner would make this one very appealing.

  13. avatar captainhunter より:

    Am the final chunk lover?

    Thick is the way to go. At most, this looks roughly 1cm thick… i say 1.5 would be ideal!
    Otherwise I love it. I would definitely still buy it as is, so I really hope it gets made.

  14. avatar Ace より:

    It look very nice, but you need a little exercising until you can read the time properly.

  15. avatar Bigalfromcal より:

    This design has a really cool Star Trek look and I would buy it just for its’ style. The only problem that I can see is that because it comes out to almost double the width of the strap, it will become an annoyance if the design impedes wrist movements. If the owner wears the watch on the left hand it might be ok, but for the right-hand wearer it will be a no-no.

  16. avatar Ace より:

    The minutes are ok and kind of easy to read, but do something with the hours.

  17. avatar Justin より:

    Cannot disagree with reidiate more, I think it would wear just fine. However, I do think the l.e.d.s could have better ordinal/chronological arrangement, I seems a little unintuitive.

  18. avatar scottyokc より:

    The time is too confusing. I don’t like that it sticks out too far to the left. I dont mind it sticking out, but not too far. I think this shape would work better with a different design, make it look more like a wrist scanner with readings on it like the “charting time” watch.

  19. avatar Pogo Ninja より:

    I really like the design of this watch. I would suggest sticking with the unique style of tracking time. Though it may stick out, the design as a whole would be well worth buying. I know that I would purchase this if I had the money to.

  20. avatar Jono_2007 より:

    Like the design
    It looks sleek and great, I believe it would look great in a material similar to the face of the Sensai Alloy, with black and silver finishes and have the choice of different colour LED’s, such as red, green, blue.
    I can see mobility being a problem, but nothing that is too bad or hard enough to get used to
    I think you should do the watch for righty’s as well as lefty’s so that you can decide upon the way which the watch face is on your wrist

  21. avatar wristwatcher より:

    Love it!!! I want it!!! Where were these ultra cool watches when I was buying from you regularly? This one is perfect for me, Its the right shape and color, the look is great! I really don’t think I would change a thing on this one.

  22. avatar Efv68 より:

    The Futuristic design gives it a amazing look that will future design PLEASE START MAKING THEM AND PRODUCING THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST DESIGN I’VE EVER SEEN!

  23. avatar Half-Blood より:

    Iv just done a *** wee!!! Amazing watch.. gimmi gimmi gimmi